fun in florida

Free stuff to do….

Something that we’re learning on our first few weeks of our journey, is how to have fun when we travel without spending a ton of money. Here’s some fun things that we’ve discovered so far.

#1. Parks. So fun. Where we are staying, we are within driving distance to about 6 parks. Stuff like the swings, slides, and playground equipment is fun, but so are the walking trails. So many neat things to see and take pictures of. Even the teenagers love that part.

We are also loving the different u-pick fruit and veggie places we can find. Many of them have play areas for kiddos and lots of new terrains to see. Although we missed out on a few fruits this season, it’s neat to check out the citrus ones in season here. Here are the kiddos playing at one.

Where we are staying is hot. We’ve been making alot of shakes! It’s fun and almost free. Nothing is as yummy as a shake for snack on a 95 degree afternoon!

Tent making. Who knew that our kid’s tent making adventure would come to Florida with us. It did! And it’s so fun by the pool. Lots of water play here!

Shopping at the dollar store is always fun too. Whether in Michigan or Florida! Each one is different and you’re sure to find something fun.

We’ve started to really enjoy the crazy car rides that our google map will take us on. Sometimes the neighborhood is sketchy, but most often it is a beautiful drive and lots to see. The whole family enjoys these moments.

A great fall back is hanging out at the pool. We love listening to music and laughing together. Doesn’t matter where we are. 🙂

The beaches are our favorite place to go to though. SO many beautiful walkways, and places to explore down to the beach. Even if the beach isn’t awesome, the experience is when we are all hanging out with snacks and fun on a hot day. and Hey…it’s free!

Not shown is the library and some of the parks with splash pads. The older ones have enjoyed going for walks around the subdivision and working out in the gym here too!
Please feel free to share your affordable family fun ideas with us while we are away. It’ll be awesome to try new things!


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