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Florida Farmers Markets Are Awesome

We are big fans of the local farmer’s markets in Michigan. And being such fans, we’ve made it a point to find farmer’s markets wherever we travel. The first in Florida that we visited was in Winter Garden, FL.

It was awesome! There were so many booths that we didn’t get to visit all of them before they started to close up. And the kids thought the splash pad looked really inviting (too bad we didn’t bring any suits!)

We talked with several people working their booths. A lady was selling dresses and purses, a pro-‘Merica guy selling hot sauces, and a tattoed friendly girl selling micro-greens. One nice couple had a ton of herbs and spices in glass jars. As we were chatting with her, I made sure to keep our kid’s little hands away from all the breakables! It was really great to see a lot of cultures on display. After we walked through the market for a bit I was noticing several different people groups were selling some of their nationality’s foods or products.

The people were very friendly. After they found out we weren’t local, many of them gave us tips and info on where the cool places to go are. A farmers market seems to be a great place to get the ‘vibe’ of a place, and info on what stuff is available in the area.

We plan to go back next week. Hopefully, we can strike up some more conversations and see where the Holy Spirit leads us!


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