A guide for a traveling sixteen year old: How to get a job

So, hello all you other young people out there who are in need of jobs! You may be wondering “How did she get a job that quickly, especially when she’s traveling, and when she’s just sixteen, with no experience?” Well, I’m here to give you guys some good tips to get you on the right track to getting a great job quickly. This may seem a little cheesy, but if you know me, I’m naturally cheesy, so get comfortable, and get a notebook, and a pen, pencil, whatever kids right with these days, and get ready to write down some tips!

Monday Morning: Application day

So, Monday morning, I woke up a little later than usual, but so what right? It’s summer, I like to sleep in, and when I have no school, there’s no reason I really need to wake up early right? NO! I got a text, from my beloved mother, at seven o’clock, and she sent me an instructional video, that she had made, that morning, on how to apply for jobs. Not only that, I came down stairs, phone in hand to show her what she sent me, and she handed me a stack of application forms, telling me we should practice, as a school project. Welcome to the life of a new sixteen year old, right?

I spent my breakfast and early morning, filling out fake applications, with her hovering over my shoulder, watching me fill out my tax forms, and giving me addresses, my social security number, which I barely even knew I had one, and helping me reset my bank account password, because as a sixteen year old, I forget all those minor details, but anyhow, back to those forms.

After I finally finished filling out all those forms, and after I ate my meager breakfast, she sent me up the stairs, notes and addresses in hand, to go get my bag. I run upstairs, grab my bag, make a list of places to apply at, and then she sent me out the door, with a farewell kiss, wishing me luck. So there I was, with my bag in hand, my list of notes and addresses in the bag, and the bike I was going to have to ride miles that day. Yay, what fun I was going to have! (as you can tell, I was being sarcastic, I was scared to death, I mean, who wouldn’t be when it’s their first time applying for a job, and they are by themselves?)

But anyhow, I got on my trusty rusty bucket of a bike, and started on my long, hot, treacherous journey to the first place on my list , the Tropical Cafe, because, I mean, who wouldn’t want to work at a smoothie shop right?

I get to the shop, and I’m sweaty, and nervous, not really a great combination for asking to be hired, but hey, I’m a newbie at this, just bear with me! I walk in, telling myself that I’m confident in myself, and I couldn’t stop singing the song from the sound of music, “I have confidence in me”. A good song to get stuck in your head when your going in for applying for a job. Here’s a great tip that I learned from my first try, you need to be confident in yourself, and when you tell yourself your confident, even when your not, it really does help!

So I walked in, and I asked the person at the cash register if I could get an application, and I asked if they were hiring. Turns out, they were in desperate need of help, and they would absolutely give me an application to fill out! I sat down, and I filled out my application. A tip for trying to get a job guys, you want to practice filling one out before hand, and write down notes before hand as well, so that you will know what to do, and know what to write down, so that you can get it right the first time. Another tip, be open to anything, and be willing to work. If your maybe future employer sees that you have a good attitude, and are willing to work, they will more likely give you a job then if you came in, dragging your bad attitude behind you, and slamming the door on your way out. You need to smile, show your happy to be there, and be open and helpful. This will give you a great first impression, and will show them that you are a willing and hard worker!

Another tip, when you go and apply at different jobs, what I learned is to apply at a few different jobs at once, even if you find one that you think will work, or who hired you on the spot. You want to apply to as many jobs as possible, to give you more choices, so that your not stuck with a job you don’t end up liking. I did this, and I’m really glad I did, because only one of the three to four places I tried applying at actually accepted my application.

So after getting my application filled out, I tried a few other places, and I put in applications there as well. I didn’t end up getting calls from any of the places, which is expected. Tip: When you are applying for a job, you should call them, not have them call you, because most likely they will forget, or lose your application, or just not have the time in general. You need to make the time to talk with them, and get yourself the job, you can’t wait on others to remember. They lost my application the first time, so if I wouldn’t have come in again or called them, they would have forgotten and would not have contacted me. I went in again, and I asked again when I could start, and asked about my hours, and they said they would call me back today, which they have said many times. Best thing to do is call them and remind them, it isn’t rude, they should expect to be reminded if someone wants the job. Don’t be afraid of being rude, just go for it, it will show them you really want the job, and that you have perseverance.

For all those teens or people who are looking for jobs right now, my main tip to everyone is to go out, and try! You need to work hard for what you want. If you want a job badly enough, you will go out, and show that you want one. Go ask people if they are hiring, go in person, online isn’t efficient. Going in-person will show them that you are willing to go places and make things happen to get a job, and they like to meet you in-person first as well, because a first impression is everything!

Thanks so much for reading this blog post guys, and I hope this helps you all on your ‘finding-a-job’ journey!


6 thoughts on “A guide for a traveling sixteen year old: How to get a job”

  1. Sadie, you are so inspiring! If other teenagers don’t take the time to read this…they should! You are a go getter and you definitely would get hired if I was doing the interview! AND you are a beautiful writer! I was so intrigued by everything you had to say that I wanted to hear more! Congrats on getting a job, by the way, you didn’t mention, was it the smoothie shop? Take care and know that Gaylord Family Fellowship misses your family dearly but God has bigger plans for all of you! Say hello to your family from Rhonda, Spencer, Jack, and Ruth!

    1. I’m so glad you found it inspiring! I wanted it to come across that way, and I’m glad I hit the nail on the head 🙂 I want other teenagers to be able to get out there and be confident to get a job, and getting a service job is a great first step, but they don’t have to go in completely clueless, so I wanted to provide some important insight on the application process. Also yes, it was a smoothie shop, and thanks so much! I try working on my writing skills, and writing in this blog also helps me get into the practice I need to become an even better writer! Thanks for the comments, it’s helpful getting compliments, and critizings! I am always willing to be criticed! I will absolutely tell my family hi for you! We miss the church too and thank you so much for reading, it really is nice to see people looking at our blog! God bless, and love you Rhonda!

  2. Wow you sure have grown up fast. I am very impressed with your writing skills. I would hire you on the spot. Of course that is what Grandmas do. Seriously nice job. Love and miss you lots.

    1. Sadie,
      Wow! Great information. As a prior HR Manager, those are great tips for everyone applying for jobs. I hope u got one of the jobs u applied for, i would guess u did. :=).
      Love u❤.
      Aunt Barb

      1. Love you too Aunt Barb! I’m so glad that I did well, that is just what I took from my experience, and I want to help anyone out there who needs some helpful tips, and help them get closer to getting a job! Thanks for commenting btw, it’s nice to see people reading my posts 🙂

    2. Thanks so much, Grandma! I love to write, and if I can write and help others at the same time, I would do it all day! I know you would hire me, grandma, because you are so sweet, and you can read people’s motives pretty well, as I know from experience 😉 I love you and miss you so much as well, I can’t wait to see you for the holidays! – Love Sadie Sue

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