SSS: Sadie’s Short Stories; Description of a picture: The night sky

A lone wolf sat alone on a mountain ridge. Its black coat glistened in the full moon’s light. It always is a full moon isn’t it, a full moon is the best to look at, it delights the soul. Sometimes people forget to look up at the sky, but when we do, we are always in awe at what we have been missing staring at the ground. Sometimes humans forget that we should take time to look up, admire, and meditate on things beyond our earthly realm. Even this lone wolf understands this need, he might not be meditating on things beyond, but just simply enjoying the peace of the night.

Not only do we forget about the night sky, but the night itself. Since times went by, we’ve been afraid of the dark, the night. We fear the unknown, as the famous author used to say “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” ― H.P. Lovecraft. We fear what we don’t understand, and who can understand the dark? Who can know all that is going on outside of our line of vision? That’s why we fear the dark, but when we take the time to actually understand what the night is, and what it brings, we can take the time to enjoy its peace. The night is a time of rest, peace, quiet, meditating, and watching the night sky. Night can bring danger, but beyond that, it brings a sense of renewal. When we sleep, our bodies heal themselves, renewing us for the coming exerting day, under the draining sun, but the night is when the earth is quiet when we are quiet. Our bodies heal, and relax during the night, so why can’t we relax while being in the dark, enjoying the night sky.

Back to our lone wolf. Do you wonder what he’s thinking? Maybe he’s thinking of his pack, but why would he be alone? Maybe he’s the alpha, getting away from his pack to study the landscape for potential prey or predator. Or he might be an outcast, being kicked out of the pack, searching for a new pack and purpose. I wonder what life is like for a lone wolf, it has to be lonely. Imagine being cast out of your pack, left to fend for yourself, without protection from the other wolves in the pack. Without the purpose of hunting for the pack, or protecting the pack’s territory, what is the meaning of life for this lone wolf?

Maybe now that he’s on his own, he’ll find a new pack, or maybe start one of his own. He might become a father, and start his own clan, raising his young, becoming an alpha, leading his pack thru the darkened forest which he now sits in alone.

I sometimes feel strange for loving the night, people might think it’s weird that I feel the night is so peaceful, calm, reassuring. I walked outside the other night, in the dark, and the moon was out, and the cold bit into my skin, but the crisp cold, and the moon shining thru the trees was almost like a caress.

The dawn

Not only the night is reassuring. If you look back at the main picture for my article, you will see a wolf, sitting on a rock ledge, howling at the moon, with fog overhanging the landscape. The fog, it’s like a blanket, don’t you think? You see fog low in hills and valleys, and it looks calm, cool, usually seen on crisp fall mornings. It’s like thick predawn, right as the sun is going to come up, just as the sun reddens the pre-dawn sky, the fog cloying over the hills of green, laying over the forest floor like a milky lake of gray.

The sun warms the landscape, making the frozen dew thaw, making the dew glisten as the sun’s rays catches the water droplets. The fog then soon hangs low, and finally disappears, giving way to a glistening, dew-ladden landscape, the dawn sky now filled with light. The morning also is reassuring, a warm caress, fresh and vital to life. With the dawn comes new beginnings, fresh starts. The bible even says ” For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5. With the beginning comes a new day, comes fresh starts, anger gone and forgotten, melting away like the night before the coming light of day. We need to remember that both night and day are important, they have their special qualities, some might have their cons, but both the sun, and the darkness of night, are vital. Without one or the other, we wouldn’t be balanced. We need the vitamin D and warmth from the sun, but we need the darkness to help us recooperate and heal, the quiet, so we can be revitalized and ready for the next day.

Thanks for reading my description of the two pictures I have shown, and I hope you continue reading SSS (AKA: Sadie’s short stories) 😉 I want to be able to describe my feelings about subjects thru words, and I hope that it touches you, and helps you with your sense of seeing, and helps to shine up your imagination. Thanks guys! – Sadie


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