Sadie’s Short Stories (SSS): So-called Veronica (Part I)

Neon lights gleamed brightly, reflecting off New York’s lit streets. Times Square, everyone’s dream. Only the richest could afford an apartment on this square. Ladies and men road in limos, the vehicles gleaming in the lights. Limo’s black paints shined as they stopped in front of the hotel. 

Being not one of the group was something I was used to, of course. Blonde hair covered in my hood, I watched the procession of the people as they entered the building. Their talk drifted over to my hiding place. Hiding my Glock, its handle made of Aluminium, I made a careful examination of the crowd. Having only enough money to bye one bullet from the man I do my dealings with, I couldn’t miss. I was borrowing the gun from his brother, the tattoo artist. Hands clammy, the cold sweat beading on my forehead, I shakily wiped the sweat away. 

“Come on, get yourself together. You’ve done this before.” Reminding myself  I never used to be the girl I am now, the girl that kills for money, I wiped my dirty hands on my jeans. Many would call me an assassin. I am only trying to get food in my stomach and money to pay off my many debts. 

Creeping along, keeping to the shadows, I scanned the crowd, searching for the man that I was to kill. Continuing walking across the street, my gray hood pulled up over my eyes, hands in my pockets, I carefully watched the crowd. All the streets were covered in fresh rain. Reflecting the lights of the hotel in front of me, the streets glistening with fresh rain brightly. People hurried into the building for the concert was going to begin soon, and I had to get the job done before everyone was seated. 

Shoes soaked, the holes in the soles showing more than usual, I trudged toward the hotel. Since they were off-brand from a re-sale shop downtown, who would expect them to last long. That’s all I could afford these days. A chill crept through the thin fabric that made my pants and shirt. If I could only get the job done I could get some new clothes and maybe a good, hot meal. Just thinking about food made my body shiver with excitement. Whatever it took.  

“Act nonchalant, keep it together.” Telling myself that, I had a feeling I would be caught this time before I got the job done. Keeping to a fast walking pace, my heart pounding at a thousand miles per hour, I made my way forward. 

“Hey, what’s your name?”  A man’s voice stopped me in my tracks. 

“Keep quiet, keep yourself together!” A million thoughts were flying around my brain, anxiety boiling inside of me. Throat closing over, my knees began to feel like rubber, I couldn’t lookup. “Are you okay?” The man’s voice was full of sympathy. 

Finally, I was able to speak. “My name is Veronica.” Of course, that wasn’t my name, but what was I supposed to say? Not being able to give away my true identity, what could I have done? Having a price on my head, that would be impossible. 

“Great name, I’m Christopher James.” Holding his hand out to me, I saw the cuff of his suit. Ironed and fresh, the suit looked new. Quickly taking his hand, I gave it a feeble shake. “Are you afraid of me?” His voice sounded gentle. 

A memory flashed across her mind. “Name of the target, Christopher James, has black hair and green eyes. He has tan skin, and his face is defined. Kill him and report to me.” Memories returned to her, the voice was of the man that had paid me to kill this unknown man. Remembering my boss’s name, I shivered. Cameron lived up to the meaning of his name. Having not only a crooked nose but a crooked personality, he was a man to be afraid of. At times he made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Having dark eyes that were always full of hatred, his blonde hair was stiff with hair gel, he made me shiver with fear. Always angry, he would throw things in fits of rage, but at others in a silent fury that only showed in his eyes. Definitely, the kind of man you didn’t want to mess with. 

This man in front of me was my target. “No, I’m not afraid of you.” Looking up into his face, I was startled by the kindness in his eyes. Feeling my heart stop and soften, I knew I couldn’t kill this man. “ Have to go, bye.” With that I walked off, leaving him standing on the steps of the brightly lit hotel. Without turning back, I rushed off into the now deep darkness of the side alleys. 

Get ready for Part II! I hope you enjoyed the beginning of my new mini-series, So-Called Veronica. Are you excited? I hope so! Thanks so much again for reading my short stories, it really means a lot, and I hope that I was able to help you visualize the set that begins So-called Veronica’s story. Stay tuned! Thanks again 🙂 – Sadie and the Singlers


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