Texas is Amazing

So we have been in Fort Worth Texas for about a week now. Our family loves Texas. The ‘western vibe’ is so fun!

The Stock Yards:

We started our ‘Texan experience’ by going to the Stock Yards. This area is a cool little part of history frozen in time. When cattle were the business here, a very large building of tunnels, shoots, and ramps was created to optimize moving the cows. Today, many corners are full of tourist shops, and the trains obviously don’t come through. However, the area’s historic look and feel have been preserved. There are weekly cattle drives, gunfight reenactments, and rodeos to attend.

Our kids enjoyed the candy shop, which had barrels and barrels of candy. The experience of shopping for candy with a garden trowel is not one they will soon forget!

We also got to site-see, explore different western shops, and do a bit of exploring. This time has been very restful and fun for the family. However, we do not find the ‘size’ of the roaches down here ‘relaxing’. They truly do everything ‘bigger’ in Texas!


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